Online Marketing: The Silent Approach?

When it comes to online marketing there are various techniques that can be used to craft an effective marketing strategy. It really is a very versatile field. You can craft eye catching YouTube videos that delight and amaze. You can reach out to your audience on every social media site going and hook in millions of fans. You can blog about every subject under the sun, yet sometimes, the silent approach works better.

So what do us at EBS Marketing mean by the silent approach? We don’t mean doing nothing online; otherwise it wouldn’t be an online marketing strategy. What we mean is the element of surprise. The element of surprise can actually be extremely powerful in online marketing.

Why though? Why would keeping quiet about something then promoting it work? Let’s look at the release of Beyoncé’s new album this month to find the answer. Nobody knew it was coming. It has been announced by the record label that it was in the works, but nobody expected the release of it anytime soon.

Then the album suddenly hit. The 13th December saw the announcing of the album and she really went all out for it. She crafted clips for every single track that dominated YouTube. It was promoted like crazy on social media. It dominated gossip column inches that day. Everyone was talking about it. She certainly knows her stuff.

It’s important to note here that this only works because she’s already a celebrity. She couldn’t have marketed herself this way online if she’d been at the beginning of her career. People wanted to know what she was up to, so she hyped them up by not giving anything away. Then she made sure they knew exactly what she was up to.

This teaches us a valuable lesson about both online marketing and life in general. It really is all about timing. You roll out the campaign too early, and then it might not appeal to potential consumers in the right way. You roll it out too late and it might simply pass them by.

It also teaches us about using the art of building anticipation in online marketing. Keep them guessing get them excited.  You can’t give the game away until they really want to know what it is.