EBS Marketing Introduces You to Vine

When we at EBS Marketing think of the best social networking sites to take advantage of to facilitate an effective online marketing campaign, we often think of the usual suspects; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. However, the vast world of social networking sites is so much more broad and unlimited that there are sites cropping up at the speed of light, all with different purposes and all with different audiences to broadcast your message to and turn into a key online marketing tool. Taking advantage of social media sites that have different purposes and use different mediums means that you can branch out so that as many people as people are introduced to your online marketing campaign as possible.

That’s why today we want to introduce you to Vine. Vine is quite simple really. It’s a video app that you can use to post short six second videos on anything that you could ever possibly want. Six seconds may not seem long enough but the site has now managed to acquire over 40 million users and that number is drastically rising every day.

This can be attributed to two factors. The first is that the videos run on a loop. This means that it has real value for those looking to post funny videos, as it makes the effect of the short clip more comical; which has led to celebrities using it to post funny clips of themselves in a bid to connect with fans. The second factor is the ease of use. A social networking site lives and dies by its ease of use. If it’s difficult

to work, users are not going to bother. The modern world is very much the world of convenience and if a user can’t figure out how to use it, and figure it out quickly, they’ll leave. This has sled to Vine being bought by Twitter, which means that it is now growing at an even faster rate than it was before and celebrity interest in the video orientated social networking site is growing by the minute.

This shows that even the social media strategies we use to facilitate an effective online marketing campaign are subject to change. It used to be enough just to like a few pages, post of few statuses and follow a few trends to use social media to get users on board with a marketing campaigns message.

However, with the growing sophistication of social media, there are more advanced methods, such as the six second clip, to take advantage of, and if you don’t take advantage of them, someone else will. It really is a competitive field and you have to keep up with every single innovation out there to make sure that you beat out your opponents with the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy.

Are Social Media Sites About to Be Allowed Into the Chinese Market?

The figures concerning how many people use social media sites are pretty damned impressive. Over a billion people are on Facebook. This means that if Facebook were a country, it’d have the third largest population in the world, behind only India and China.

China, coincidentally enough, is one of the few countries in the world where the population don’t have access to Facebook. Or Twitter, YouTube and Google for that matter. This means that for the longest time, social media marketers have been missing out on the marketing opportunities that come from a population as vast as that of China. With over 1.3 billion people, China would be any online marketers dream. However, due to the political situation and the somewhat secretive nature of the Chinese communist administration, Facebook and Twitter have been banned since the riots of 2009, which the government blamed on social networking sites.

However, a BBC report revealed early last week suggests that the Chinese government could be on the verge of relaxing their online censorship laws. However, this would only apply to small areas around major metropolises. According to the BBC, The South China Morning Post reported that Facebook, Twitter and other websites will be unlocked in a free-trade zone of Shanghai. An unnamed official was reported to have said that it is being done in order to make foreigners feel more at home. The paper named Facebook, Twitter and the New York Post website as the specific websites that will be unblocked in the area.

Think about the opportunities this could bring. Yes, at the moment it’s a very small window of opportunity, but you have to start somewhere. China for the longest time has shied away from the idea of allowing its citizens any sort of freedom of information. This could be a sign that things are beginning to change, and if it does change, the statistics make it clear what sort of market China will be for social networking opportunities. The country now has more than 591 million internet users and 460 million mobile web users. The sheer vastness of these figures could entirely change the game.

Only time will tell if China will actually go ahead and soften its stance to outside social networking sites, but if it does, then everything will change. Internet marketing will reach a whole new level as it tries to use social media sites to engage with the largest audience in the world.

Interesting times!
EBS Marketing Team