Are you ignoring Bing & does it matter?

Google, google, google, etc

So most SEO seems to be all about Google. By ‘most’ I mean almost entirely all of it. Google does have over 90% of the search market (as of May 2013 figures), so no wonder people prioritise it. Do you have anything to gain by looking at what works on the remaining 10% of the search market? Two competing theories are discussed below.

Of course 10% is worth pursuing

After the recent Prism/NSA scandal, searches on Duckduckgo went up significantly and Bing and other players seem to consistently hold 10% of the search market.

Take a few example phrases and apply them to Google and Bing, then compare the results. They tend to be rather different. If you can balance a mixed approach that can benefit both engines then go for it.

There’s also advertising to consider – your Google PPC campaign obviously doesn’t cover Bing! So if you can take your Google PPC strategy, which is hopefully about careful targeting, testing, refinement and more testing – and apply it to Bing with an aim to tailor it to the niche of a Bing searcher you could get a reasonable R.O.R. Bear in mind too – if your competitors are ignoring Bing you have access to an audience they do not. This might see a better conversion rate at a lower click cost (with admittedly less volume).

No, good SEO is universal

Everything you do in SEO should be holistic – great content, well-structured navigation & relevance in all you do. As long as all these areas tie up and you’re not engaging in any questionable practises you should have a really strong position in the results pages. Tailored results could go into the area of ‘questionable practices’ – especially if you’re trying to show Google one set of content and Bing another – like the ‘bait and switch’ tactics of blackhat SEO that are hopefully now defunct entirely.

Yes there will be slight variances in the algorithms between different search engines, but as they all chase the same end goal – relevance – the odd tweak here and there shouldn’t make an appreciable difference. I would imagine that the refining of the algorithm should tend towards perfection of relevance – so as long as search engines progress at the same rate, we should presumably end up at place where results are practically identical across the board.

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