Nostalgia as Online Marketing Device

In the world of online marketing the industry often goes by the mantra that newer is always better. By the very definition of the fact that marketing has been moved online, they are embracing this rule.

However in the opinion of EBS Marketing newer isn’t always necessarily better. We aren’t talking about the tools we use for online marketing here; we’re talking about marketing content.

Today (Thursday 2nd January), it has been announced that a whole host of classic video games from the 70’s and 80’s have been put online into an  internet archive ready and waiting for people to play.

On its own this isn’t news that the online marketing community would necessarily be interested in. However it is part of a larger trend of the consumer public looking towards the past for its entertainment and inspiration.

Look at the last decade in fashion for example. How many of the trends that graced the catwalks and high streets found their origins in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? Look at TV. How many shows have looked to past genres and decades to become a success?

Marketing in recent years has also taken advantage of this too. Look at the popular 118 118 ads that ran through Big Brother for example. They took advantage of a popular 70’s image and played on it to capture people’s attention.

This is why nostalgia works as a powerful marketing technique. It plays on people’s individual pasts, their memories. It uses fond memories of happier times. It plays on this to associate those happy memories with the product in question.

So it makes sense that this should be moved online. We’ve seen in the past decade that nostalgia orientated marketing techniques are powerful. It’s these adverts that the rest of the world discuss around the water cooler the next morning. We’ve also seen the power of online marketing. The whole world is moving online, it’s where the potential and opportunity is.

So it makes sense to marry them to create something even better. Innovation as a concept is based around this principle. People take what is already there and improve it, make it better, so that the advantages of the old way are highlighted, not left to fall to the wayside.

This is why the nostalgic online marketing technique works. It takes what we love, what has worked in the past and reinvents it. It takes what we love and repackages it. It really proves that it pays to rely on what you know.