LinkedIn Introduce New App ‘LinkedIn Connected’

Linkedin – the world renowned home of business social media and online networking – has recently introduced a new app for iOS to encourage users to reach out to others more frequently. So naturally, we at EBS Marketing wanted a closer look.

LinkedIn ConnectedNetworking

No matter where you started, or when you set up your account, I’m sure every user has experienced some inactivity on LinkedIn at one point or another. Weave spoken to a few people who haven’t logged back in since they set up their profile – and it’s no surprise, LinkedIn takes some time getting used to. And if you’re not looking to connect with others, network, or upload any information about yourself, then LinkedIn can be a social media graveyard.

But, for the average person, LinkedIn can be a godsend and can undoubtedly help businesses, individuals and communities to grow. So perhaps with the introduction of a new app, LinkedIn could become even more accessible.

LinkedIn Connected

Announced on the 10th of July by David Brubacher via LinkedIn’s Official Blog, ‘LinkedIn Connected’ was unveiled as a way for users to “reach out to people when it matters most”.

Boasting a social, mobile experience that takes the “work” out of networking, ‘LinkedIn Connected’ is a place to dip in and out of LinkedIn on the go whilst strengthening relationships and opening up future opportunities. The app even claims that users could receive up to six times more profile views when using ‘LinkedIn Connected’.


Updates play a big role in the new app, with bite-sized information displayed on cards for the ease of the users. Birthdays, job changes and posts also take center-stage in ‘LinkedIn Connected’, encouraging users to comment and interact with other users – something that the business going public haven’t been particularly good at.

Although this new app is a great extension of the LinkedIn brand, and a brilliant way to encourage users to get more hands on, ‘LinkedIn Connected’ seems a little forced. But all in all, if you’re looking for an opportunity to kick your business social media into gear, then this is the app to have.

‘LinkedIn Connected’ is available to download for free via the iTunes store now.

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Are You Making The Most Out Of Social Media Scheduling?

Here at EBS Marketing, we’re always looking to review our services. We are always looking for new ways to improve the way we run our business. So when new resources and ways to streamline become available, you have to sit up and take note.

In the SEO and Marketing world, things are always changing. The software we use, the techniques we implement, the hardware we invest in, and even the websites we frequent; all are in constant flux. So it’s important to grasp opportunities when they arise with both hands. That’s where applications like Buffer come in.

EBS Marking Social Media Scheduling


Since marketeers realised that social media websites like Facebook and Twitter could be used to promote businesses and market new products, webmasters have been continuously looking for ways to help optimise their online services. And with the introduction of third-party social media applications, businesses, marketeers, SEOs and individuals alike have been able to optimise the output of their all-important content.

And recently with the dramatic increase in the number of different social channels, social media scheduling has become an absolute necessity. Whereas a few years back we were all content with logging in and out of different accounts, and waiting till 6pm to be able to post something, nowadays with applications like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer and more, we can fully utilise your online marketing, with pin-point post scheduling and sharing.


And at the forefront of the social media management game, scheduling application Buffer reigns supreme. Described as the “smarter way to share what you want to share on Social Media”, Buffer exists to make your social media experience easier. By connecting your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more, you can easily craft a social media campaign by scheduling posts, and planning what you want to say, where you want to say it, and when you want it to be seen.

EBS Marketing Buffer

The Queue

Whereas a number of other social media programs may be packed full of settings and features, Buffer’s simplicity is refreshing, and makes for a brilliant user experience.

Acting as a magic queue, you can add whatever you want to Buffer knowing that at the right time the post will be made. You don’t have to pick your time and date, and you don’t even have to go back to the app to update. If you see something you want to share online then you can easily add to Buffer from whatever page you’re on.


Buffer’s interface is one of its main selling points, making scheduling and social media management a much easier process, and here at EBS Marketing, we love using it. It’s great being able to choose how many posts to send a day, and how many posts to schedule across the weekend – keeping a consistent flow of great content.

Buffer is free to sign up to, but to make the most of all its amazing features – including analytics, multiple users, and more – it’s more than worth upgrading to a full package (just under £60).

For more information about Buffer and its feature, make sure you visit their website today.

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