Is Facebook Marketing a Scam?

Pretty much everyone knows and uses Google for Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns. Are you missing out by not using that social media behemoth, Facebook, or is it a scam? In this post we’ll take a look at Facebook advertising and who it’s for.

Is it relevant to your audience?

First of all, it’s worth considering if social media advertising is a good fit with your business. Broadly speaking it’s likely to be more useful for business to customer transactions than business to business, but we can help you with this decision. It’s not a hard and fast rule – you never know, as a business to business entity you may be first amongst your competitors to make a successful Facebook ad campaign, and you could see a huge benefit from this.

Broad demographic

If you just need to broadly advertise to pretty much anyone, anyone who’s looking for what you sell, anyone who is looking for you (or a competitor!), then Google PPC ads probably cover what you require. Perhaps you don’t know your target demographic yet (it could be really useful to know this!) or perhaps your product is universal and so you don’t need to drill down through various layers of specificity.

Narrow demographic

Google knows a lot about the people searching – what they like, what they don’t, where they are, where else they’ve been online. What it misses out on – though not for lack of trying – is more detailed demographic information.

On the other hand, Facebook tends to have all this in hand. Most users will tell them pretty much everything: age, sex, location, likes, dislikes, films, music, television, politics and much more! Furthermore they can also draw conclusions from who you know and associate with on Facebook.

And it’s not just the younger age range from US/Europe to target, there’s growing membership in varying age ranges from various countries.

But Facebook haven’t figured out mobile

Well actually some people are saying otherwise and besides, you may stand to benefit from Facebook ads delivered to phones – this is made for any business where making your location known to passing potential customers is important.

ROI – Return On Investment

So, it sounds like Facebook advertising could help your business, but what sort of return on investment can you expect? Well there are no absolutes here – some businesses have publicly scrapped Facebook ads because it didn’t work for them, but some businesses swear by it. Fortunately we can start your campaign off small if need be to minimise that initial risk and to experiment with the direction you feel the campaign should take.

How we can help

We can help put together a killer Facebook advertising strategy for you – or not: we will focus on analysing and understanding your business and its needs to fit an ad strategy into your overall SEO plan, to complement and enhance it.

So no, Facebook advertising is not a scam and here at EBS Marketing we can help you towards social network success.

Does Your Facebook Marketing Reflect The Face of Your Business?

EBS Marketing Facebook marketing tipsOnce a company has committed to Facebook, Twitter or any form of social media marketing, started accounts and devoted the time necessary to get the job done right a very common problem is what to tweet or post about.  There are all kinds of advice out there telling companies to offer Facebook-only sales, Twitter secret sales, and a slew of other competitions and sales.  While those might be great occasionally, followers want more. As a seasoned online marketing company, EBS Marketing is happy to provide a few tried and true tips.

Facebook Marketing Content Tip #1

Pretend that whatever social media site-du-jour is a story, the friends, followers, subscribers or fans are the characters and one’s company is the author.  By letting the characters drive the narrative a more interesting story will emerge. Follow what one’s customer base is following. Let their interests and trends become the company’s interests and trends.  In short, write about what is interesting at the moment to the audience.

Facebook Marketing Content Tip #2

Our motto at EBS Marketing is stay positive.  That cannot be stressed enough.  While personality is a great asset on social media and should definitely be utilized in social media marketing the personalities displayed should never be downers.  No one wants to hear bad news.  No one wants to buy from the bearer of bad news.  In the same way, no matter the topic the company should take the high road and keep things civil and clean.  With very few exceptions those following a social media page do not want to read vulgarity or trash talk.

Facebook Marketing Content Tip #3

This tip is an old marketing tip that every company should already be fully aware of, but just for good measure it can be reviewed.  Products do not sell anything. Solutions sell.  Rather than focus all of one’s energy professing to the wonderment and power of a product or service a company should center their social media marketing strategies on solving their customer’s problems.  The art form in this type of marketing and writing is to present a problem (with a solution of course) without coming across negative.

Facebook Marketing Content Tip #4

One would think that any employee working in a marketing or public relations capacity in a company would have excellent social skills. Unfortunately, EBS Marketing customers have found that this is not the case.  While many types of marketing do not require a lot of social interaction social media does.  The person responsible for posting comments, responding to comments and analyzing trends in customers’ habits within social media absolutely has to have stellar social skills.  This cannot be overstated enough.  In a certain sense this one person is representing the entire company and can either take sales to an all time high or do irreversible damage.