WordPress.com Versus WordPress.org – which should you pick?

About the WordPress Content Management System

WordPress is a world leading Content Management System (CMS) – but confusingly it comes in two flavours – WordPress.com (hosted by the WordPress guys) or WordPress.org (you take responsibility for hosting it/use an alternative provider that hosts it for you).

So Should I choose WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

That depends on your requirements, level of skill, money and time commitment. Broadly speaking WordPress.com is cheaper (free at the most basic level), easier and quicker to set up whereas WordPress.org is more flexible, complicated and slightly more time consuming. Though I would note this last point is only because it has so many options that it’s down to what you want to put into it.

The advantages of picking WordPress.com

What’s great about WordPress.com:

  • Free for the basic package
  • Very little technical knowledge required
  • No need to install
  • No need to manage hosting
  • No need to buy a domain (though you can if you want)

What you can do with WordPress.org

With WordPress.org you get:

  • Plugins to extend the functionality
  • More theme customisation
  • Access to the underlying file system & database (may vary depending on hosting provider)
  • Complete control over your website – themes, plugins, functionality – everything
  • Typically you’ll be attaching this to a custom domain you own – rather than being a subdomain of wordpress.com

Which is right for you?

If you’ve got the time, skill and knowledge go for WordPress.org any time – it’s much more powerful and customisable.

If you want to just get going and have less technical knowledge/money go for WordPress.com.