EBS Marketing Preview: Sound City Digital – July 17th 2014

After the success of the inner-city metropolitan music festival, Liverpool Sound City, it seems that the organisers have turned their attention to the world of business and marketing this July. And here at EBS Marketing, we can’t wait.

EBS Marketing Sound City Digital It’s been almost two months since 2014’s standout Liverpool Sound City; a music festival spread over various venues and hubs in the city centre of Liverpool, where hundreds of acts played over a single weekend in May. But what does a music festival featuring performances from the likes of The Kooks, Jon Hopkins and Albert Hammond Jr have to do with digital marketing?

Well, as Liverpool Sound City in May showed, beside the music, there was also a wide array of industry talks and conferences throughout the weekend. And continuing with this theme, it seems Sound City Digital will do for Digital Marketing what Liverpool Sound City did for music – bringing together some the industries’ best and brightest for a day of showcasing, talks and networking.

Alongside showcasing and networking opportunities for web/app developers, SEO experts, social media executives, PR companies, digital marketing agencies and more, there will also be a number of panel sessions to attend. Wayne Scholes, CEO of Red Touch Media, responsible for the distribution of some of the world’s largest content owners – including NBC Universal, Warner Music Group, Disney, Paramount Pictures and Sony – will be among those giving talks.

Liverpool Sound City Digital

So whether you’re an industry professional, CEO, SEO expert or interested beginner, Sound City Digital – run in association with the International Festival of Business in Liverpool this July at the Baltic Creative – looks like a great event to attend. And what’s more, the entire event is free.

For more information, and to register for the event, make sure you visit Sound City Digital’s website now.

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EBS Marketing’s essential digital marketing conference guide for 2014

Here at EBS Marketing, we know how online marketing and SEO practices can often involve a lot of time behind the computer. And whilst being tied to a screen isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s always a good idea to get out into the real world every now and then.

Sure, getting out of the office can give your eyes a little break, but further trips afield can often help bring a whole new perspective to your work. I’m sure that most of you reading this are familiar with the tried and tested format of business seminars. Sent to gain some knowledge, some company presentations certainly have their moments. But most are promoting a service and are far too long to sit through.


But with SEO, search and social media marketing on the rise, there’s a whole new wave of entrepreneurs and companies, dead set on bringing the community together. Meetups, conferences, conventions, and networking events – you name it, it’s happening.

So with this in mind, we’ve put together a short list of up-coming SEO and Social Marketing events from around the world that will help gain both an understanding and new-found respect for the global marketing community.

Social Media Strategies Summit – Amsterdam, Netherlands – 18-19 June 2014

It’s all happening! First up, just days away, we have the Social Media Strategies Summit. Having seen conferences in Boston, London, Las Vegas and San Francisco (to name a few) since 2011, the Social Media Strategies Summit (SMSS) now comes to Amsterdam. With speakers and representatives from some of the world’s biggest brands, if you’re a keen social media strategist, you won’t want to miss this. But, if you can’t make the event in Amsterdam, then be sure to keep an eye out, because it’s only a matter of time before the SMSS comes back around.

Marketing Week Live – London, UK – 25-26 June 2014

“Marketers unite” – well at least that’s what Marketing Week Live have to say on the matter. But we have a tendency to agree with an event as appealing as this. Back for another year with a host of talks, exhibitors, public forums and awards, this year’s Marketing Week Live (MWL) in London looks even more impressive than last year. Set to take over the Olympia Grand from Wednesday the 25th of June, MWL features talks from the likes of The Guardian, Sky, Channel 4, Adobe and more. Touching on brand engagement, web design and usability, big data, social media and search marketing, this event has a bit of everything.

WordCamp Manchester – Manchester, UK – 28-29 June 2014

Leaning over to the more web-based side of things, WordCamp in Manchester on the 28th of June is a great event to attend if you’re interested in web-development and the more technical aspects of marketing.

WordPress have been holding WordCamps across the globe for years now, and are an amazing place to share ideas and to get hands on with some kit. So whether you’re an absolute beginner looking to make your life as a marketeer that little bit easier, or even if you’re a WordPress pro, WordCamp Manchester is the place to be.

MozCon – Seattle, US – 14-16 July 2014

Finally we have the big one. MozCon. If you’re familiar with SEO, then most likely you’ll have come across Moz at some point or another. Known for their wide array of useful online SEO tools and developments, Moz regularly hold conferences; bringing together some of the greatest minds in the SEO world. But it’s not all search, search, search, MozCon attracts experienced speakers from all walks of life. So I you’re interested in social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, analytics and more, then MozCon is the place to be.

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