Yahoo! beats Google in US traffic?

So according to comscore Yahoo! beat out Google as a top destination for US traffic. Their recent acquisition of Tumblr didn’t assist in this. This event is pretty surprising – what does it mean for SEOs and website owners?

#1 Don’t focus just on Google – or specifically on any search engines. Make your website technically excellent and your content compelling. We discussed this previously and I’m on the side of the 2nd section in that article – “Good SEO is Universal”.

#2 Things can and do change. Google & Facebook are here now and are very strong – so people spend a lot of time on them, but remember myspace and ask jeeves?

#3 Take advantage of Bing’s website toolset (Bing and Yahoo! currently partner on traffic). Remember that setting up with Google’s tools gives them more information and appears to help get pages indexed? Well, try that with Bing/Yahoo! too.

#4 Advertise on Yahoo! This is a no brainer – take some of your Google PPC budget and bring it over to Yahoo! as an experiment. You may find that there’s less competition for those clicks – could be more efficient.

You’ll also get Bing exposure and coverage on other partner websites.

#5 The figures don’t currently include mobile data. This could swing the results significantly but the point here is to make sure you include all relevant and significant types of visitor and optimise for them accordingly. Mobile is big and is only set to get bigger – so make plans to check your mobile website – is it fast? Is it easy to use? Does it look good? Test this comprehensively.

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