Twitter: The Celebrity Social Networking Site

At EBS Marketing we like to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of social media; that’s why we have our ears to the ground ready and waiting to take advantage of all the latest news on social media to use it for your advantage. One thing that caught us today was the news that Katy Perry has surpassed Justin Bieber as the most popular person on Twitter. She now has 46.5 million Twitter followers, a phenomenal number by any estimation. The idea that any one person, no matter how famous they are, can hook the interest of that many people (it’s roughly two thirds of the population of the UK) really does show the power of celebrity in the world of online marketing.

It’s not a secret that celebrity endorsement has comprised an element of any marketing strategy ever since marketing first became the way companies got consumers to buy their products. Celebrity endorsements speak to consumers in a way that a lot of other marketing strategies don’t; after all these are people that we love and admire in our masses.

If we see Madonna wearing a particular designer or Gaga eating from a particular restaurant chain, we rush to do the same thing. This is because the culture of celebrity is a culture of emulation and aspiration. These people are living the dream and we want to be like them; the theory is that by doing what they do and buying what they buy, we can be like them. This has proved effective over the years.

However Twitter has taken the concept of celebrity endorsement to a whole new extreme. Before, there were limitations on celebrity endorsement due to practical constraints; however Twitter has made celebrities more accessible than ever to the general public. Celebrities have quickly figured out that they can use Twitter to connect with their fans in ways that they never could before; they can even use it to control their own image and press; as they’re no longer dependent on traditional media; they can communicate directly with fans.

This means that celebrities can endorse anything they want at any time they want. If Katy Perry is eating a burger she likes, she can let 46.5 million people know in the grand total of a few seconds and you can bet that the place she got it from will suddenly have a huge boost in foot traffic. If you really want to have an effective online marketing strategy then it is key that you get your company onto Twitter.

The celebrity nature of Twitter, along with the very useful trending topic, means that you have a greater access to finding out what trends are running through the consumer market than ever before. From there, all you have to do is learn how to take advantage of these trends to bring people to you.