EBS Marketing’s Favourite Marketing Browser Extensions

Here at EBS Marketing, we just love the way in which technology and software is constantly moving towards a more accessible and effective conclusion. New apps, software, hardware, tools, systems, devices and websites are always in constant production and circulation, making our actions more exact, and our plans more succinct.

Chrome Store EBSMarketingThat’s why we get so excited when developments are made, and new resources are introduced in the market – because as marketeers, businessmen and free-thinkers, we – the public – can see the direct application of new ideas and tools.

And we couldn’t think of a way in which our online life has been made more useful than with the implementation of browser extensions; adding personalisation, individuality and improved accessibility to the online experience.

So without further ado, we, at EBS Marketing, thought we would celebrate our love of browser extensions with a few of our current favourites. Three add-ons which make life as marketeers and SEOs that little bit easier.


moz-logoFormerly SEO Moz, the now more simplistic sounding Moz are one of the world’s leading SEO specialists, having developed a range of comprehensive SEO tools and resources. A one-stop shop for webmasters and those looking to get ahead in the world of SEO, Moz have a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which allows users to utilise analytical tools on-page. The popular add-on is an amazing addition for those working in SEO, and introduces a number of different tools, including authorship previewer, SEO metrics, custom searches, keyword rank, social metrics and more. Plus users with a Pro account gain access to even more, including in-depth SERP analysis and unlimited reports on Open Site Explorer. This isn’t one you’ll want to miss.


EBS Marketing BufferWhether you’re working on a client’s behalf, promoting your own business or even building a reputation for yourself as an individual, Social Media is undoubtedly an amazingly powerful aspect of online life. But with the variety of websites, log ins and URLs – especially for client work – it’s incredibly important that users of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more, are up-to-date and on the ball. And that’s where Buffer comes in.

Once installed as an extension in your browser, the internet soon becomes your social playground, with social scheduling, sharing and organisation available all at the click of the mouse. If social media is a big part of your life then make sure you download Buffer ASAP.


Evernote EBSMarketingAlthough we wouldn’t class this browser extension as a marketing tool, Evernote’s advantages apply to a wide range of different scenarios and situations – resulting in an incredibly useful tool.

Available as a mobile phone app, Evernote also exists as a useful browser extension which helps users to save ideas and experiences gained from the internet. You can use the add-on to save notes and text, write check-lists, clip webpages and attach images, audio, PDFs and more.

We found Evernote particularly brilliant for content production – aiding the process of writing and research. But install it, and see what you think for yourself.

We hope this short list of our favourite browser extensions has been helpful. And please, if you have any suggestions, feel free to share your suggestions in the comments below.

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Are You Making The Most Out Of Social Media Scheduling?

Here at EBS Marketing, we’re always looking to review our services. We are always looking for new ways to improve the way we run our business. So when new resources and ways to streamline become available, you have to sit up and take note.

In the SEO and Marketing world, things are always changing. The software we use, the techniques we implement, the hardware we invest in, and even the websites we frequent; all are in constant flux. So it’s important to grasp opportunities when they arise with both hands. That’s where applications like Buffer come in.

EBS Marking Social Media Scheduling


Since marketeers realised that social media websites like Facebook and Twitter could be used to promote businesses and market new products, webmasters have been continuously looking for ways to help optimise their online services. And with the introduction of third-party social media applications, businesses, marketeers, SEOs and individuals alike have been able to optimise the output of their all-important content.

And recently with the dramatic increase in the number of different social channels, social media scheduling has become an absolute necessity. Whereas a few years back we were all content with logging in and out of different accounts, and waiting till 6pm to be able to post something, nowadays with applications like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer and more, we can fully utilise your online marketing, with pin-point post scheduling and sharing.


And at the forefront of the social media management game, scheduling application Buffer reigns supreme. Described as the “smarter way to share what you want to share on Social Media”, Buffer exists to make your social media experience easier. By connecting your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more, you can easily craft a social media campaign by scheduling posts, and planning what you want to say, where you want to say it, and when you want it to be seen.

EBS Marketing Buffer

The Queue

Whereas a number of other social media programs may be packed full of settings and features, Buffer’s simplicity is refreshing, and makes for a brilliant user experience.

Acting as a magic queue, you can add whatever you want to Buffer knowing that at the right time the post will be made. You don’t have to pick your time and date, and you don’t even have to go back to the app to update. If you see something you want to share online then you can easily add to Buffer from whatever page you’re on.


Buffer’s interface is one of its main selling points, making scheduling and social media management a much easier process, and here at EBS Marketing, we love using it. It’s great being able to choose how many posts to send a day, and how many posts to schedule across the weekend – keeping a consistent flow of great content.

Buffer is free to sign up to, but to make the most of all its amazing features – including analytics, multiple users, and more – it’s more than worth upgrading to a full package (just under £60).

For more information about Buffer and its feature, make sure you visit their website today.

And for more information about online marketing and SEO you can visit EBS Marketing.

EBS Marketing’s favourite social media marketing tools

As a company who offer a comprehensive range of first-class social media marketing services, we at EBS Marketing are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to fully utilise social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

And with the increase in marketing activity through these channels over the past five years, there has never been a better time to reconsider your social media strategy.

Online resources and tools for social media marketing have been around for a while now, helping people to better understand, analyse and use today’s most popular platforms. But with such a wide array of paid and free software, both on and offline, it can be hard to know where to start. So with this in mind we’ve put together a short list of the most useful online tools to help you produce an amazing social experience.


hootsuiteScheduling has never been more important online. Having full control over the content you post, no matter your location, availability and asset volume has revolutionised the social marketing business, making tools such as Hootsuite essential to any social media campaign. By syncing all your social media channels to one dashboard, Hootsuite acts as a one-stop hub for your brand or business. Content can be sent across multiple platforms with a simple click of a button –  statuses, posts, videos, images, links and more can be planned in advanced to go live whenever you want. So if you find yourself away for the day or out of the office at the weekend, and you don’t want to miss those peak social hours, then Hootsuite can be a life saver.

Basic Package: Free

Premium: From £7.99 a month.


downloadFor a more integrated social hub, Buffer offers what Hootsuite cannot. Simplistic and fully accessible within web browsers such as Chrome, Buffer uses a queue system to stagger posts through a period of intended time. So by syncing your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, you can not only input content through the buffer website, but you can use the Chrome app to share the very best from around the web.

Basic Package: Free

Premium: From £6 a month

Social Bro

social-broWhereas Hootsuite and Buffer offer an experience based mostly around the posting and scheduling of content (although they do provide some analytics) Social Bro is the tool you want when data and breakdown is required. Mainly involving the functions of Twitter, Social Bro offers a number of great features to help manage your presence, target the right audience, engage with your community and to analyse and track your online actions. So whether it’s finding influential members of your community, utilising post data, or even just finding when the right time is to Tweet, Social Bro can give an amazing insight into your Twitter outreach.

Basic Package: 15 day trial

Premium: From £8.29 a month

Google URL Shortener

tumblr_lxam8hsH6k1r0ydhvThis may seem like a joke, but it’s absolutely not. Making sure your URLs are easy to share, accessible and overall, short, is incredibly important when it comes to your social media presence, and Google URL Shortener is the perfect tool. It’s incredibly simple, easy to use, free of adverts, and has great little features such as a click through counter, an auto-highlight mode and the ability to store all past short URLs when you are logged into Google. So when you’re short on Twitter characters, sharing a URL, or even just looking to clean up a messy URL, then Google URL Shortener is the only tool you’ll need. So put it in your bookmarks now.

Basic Package: Free

Premium: None

So there you have it, four top quality social media tools that you won’t want to stop using.

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