Google Introduce New Page Analytics Chrome Extension

With the news that webmasters can now access website data via the newly released Google Analytics iPhone app, it seems the good news doesn’t stop there, as Google have also recently released a Page Analytics Chrome browser extension.

Extensions for browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have been round for a good while now – but it still seems that many online users aren’t making the most of their inbuilt features. But, with the release of Google’s new Page Analytics Chrome extension and others like it, we may see that change.

Released last month, the new Page Analytics tool – brought to you by Google – is an amazing add-on for marketeers and internet users alike. Easily installable on your Chrome browser, Page Analytics allows you to see how customers interact with your web pages.

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By logging in with your Google Analytics account, you can view data about your website on page with a series of helpful and accessible on-page queues.

Whilst the Google Analytics website is an unbeatable source of data and insights, this extension brings detailed information about the pages on your site on-page, and away from the graphs and numbers of the normal hub.

From the on-page analyser, you can find information about page views, conversion and bounce rates, exit percentages, and – most importantly – visualisations of user activity on site and where on the page they clicked.

Installable via the Chrome extension online store, Page Analytics by Google is a quick and useful add-on for webmasters who want to have website data on demand, when on page.

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Google Release Analytics App for iPhone

Here at EBS Marketing, we can’t get enough of Google Analytics. We don’t see how any webmaster can function without it. Not only is the free tool a great source of insightful information about your website, but it’s a vital part of any marketing campaign.

But now, two years since the Analytics app was released for Android, Apple users are finally able to join the party, as Google have unveiled an app for iOS.

Google-Analytics-iconReleased last week on the 17th of July 2014, Google Analytics for iOS is a one-stop-shop for all your website data on the go, and it’s not to be missed. Equipped with Google’s sleek design and detailed range of analytical tools, which include information about page views, referrals, audience info, conversions, acquisition and more, the new iPhone app is a great step forward for Apple users everywhere.

Google Analytics’ clean and easy-to-use tools are perfectly optimised for the iPhone, with a similar interface to that of the desktop version. The sidebar column of categories is still present, and the different options can be selected and navigated with absolute ease, resulting in one well-produced app.

Google commented on the release of the iPhone app via the Google Analytics G+ page saying:

“At Google, we want to build tools that help you stay connected no matter where you are. Whether you’re in the boardroom, at a live event, or even a day at the beach: having access to Analytics at your fingertips is important. That’s why we previously launched an Android app for Google Analytics ( that we’re excited has been downloaded by more than 1 million users to date. We’ve been listening to your feedback and hear you loud and clear: you want an iPhone version too. So we are pleased to announce the launch of a Google Analytics app for iOS.”

Now we’ve downloaded the app, we can’t wait to see how it performs over the next few months. But don’t take our word for it, head over to the app store now and download it for yourself for FREE.

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