EBS Marketing FAQ

I have a great new website, that’s enough right?

No, having a new and trendy website may not be enough to bring new clients through the door. In an age of technological advancement, having a great website is only of use if it has traffic. The trick is for clients to arrive at the website through conducting an internet search. This is made possible with SEO services from EBS Marketing. Properly implemented Search Engine Optimization done by a proficient organization is vital for businesses to secure on-going traffic for the website. Without Search Engine Optimization, company websites are white elephants of no use, even if the site is beautifully designed and cleverly constructed.

What makes your staff different?

Individual experts with varied talents working symbiotically towards customer objectives, is a rarity in the industry. During the recruitment procedure, care is taken in selecting the finest individuals from either marketing or technology backgrounds. This is to ensure that clients receive the best possible care from both areas. These carefully selected staff members all work in partnership to assist clients with their varied needs.

What makes your contracts unique?

Apart from excellent service and unparalleled results, we also offer clients the unique option of a short-term contract. As an unusual market offering, the short-term contract awards clients with sovereignty over their marketing efforts and the scope to make changes as they see fit. After the preliminary campaign is executed and results are achieved, clients are not stuck with a contract that is of no real advantage to them. They can continue to reap the benefits of the initial campaign while using the budget to explore other avenues of marketing.

What is the first step in EBS Marketing’s SEO service?

Before starting with the execution of SEO of the client’s site, EBS Marketing strategically analyzes client needs by means of analytical tools. This data is rationalized and compiled in a comprehensible strategy document. The entire process is discussed, and any questions the client may have are clarified before the work depicted on the strategy starts.

I need help with E-commerce. What advantages are there to utilizing your services?

An excellent web presence is not the only requirement when conducting trade online. E-commerce sites also have to be easy to find and, once clients arrive at the site, it has to be absolutely user-friendly. We are able to provide clients with visually attractive websites that make the buying process easy and pleasant. With world-class SEO, we ensure traffic to the site and also provides secure payment systems.

Do you offer only SEO services?

Far from it! We offer a wide-ranging range of services related to assisting clients with the successful creation of a quality online presence and effective marketing of the online presence. As a one stop solution, we provide clients with website design and development, SEO marketing through social media. With a dedicated team of professional staff members, we focus on exclusive service catered to client’s individual needs.

Sounds great, where can I find you?

You can find our website here or email us: info@ebsmarketing.biz. You can call: 0871 976 9999 or even fax us: +44 (0)161 870 1040.