About EBS Marketing

EBS Marketing is a Manchester based company that specialises in Search Engine Optimisation, an incredibly important aspect of any businesses’ online presence. SEO involves a number of different strategies and tactics. When executed properly, it is the most effective way for any business, large or small, to most capitalise on the Internet as a revenue source. They employ a team of dedicated and knowledgeable SEO specialists. With years of experience in the Internet industry this is one of the main reasons for their success with digital marketing. Boasting an affordable, low monthly fee; their strategy is that they keep costs to the minimum while not compromising on their quality of service. The team is incredibly professional. They review a clients’ needs, design a strategic plan and commit themselves to managing expectations so as not to create false hopes. They strive towards the best results, however, no matter what.

Business Solutions

One of their attractive features is the short term contract they offer clients. Business solutions are offered a package to tackle online marketing from every angle. The time is not what is important with such a strategy; they offer the most comprehensive approach possible, by using media platforms, Facebook microsites, search engines, optimised Google PPC Campaigns and Google Places local listings. The team comes up with a strategic plan for how and how much of each of these angles companies could benefit the most. This can all happen in a short time, as well, which is why the short term contract is so effective. Businesses don’t have to commit to a long term consulting service firm, yet can benefit from the establishment of high-quality SEO practices that continue long after their contract expires.

EBS Marketing reviews

EBS Marketing reviews clients’ needs before designing their strategy. From that point, they jump off and get started. They are known for their effective approach from all angles. They begin by building quality links to a company’s site from as many locations as possible. All clients receive a branded Twitter account linked to Facebook; if the latter doesn’t already exist, of course, they will make sure it does. A highly effective strategy is the inter-linking between these two social media outlets. Facebook and Twitter alone can jump a business up the commercial food chain. In addition, they target the particular search engine listing information connected to a business in order to build traffic and push the listing up on the search engines.

EBS Marketing reviews the most updated technology on a regular basis in order to ensure that techniques used are the best at any point. With an eye on market trends,they pride themselves on being the leader in the industry, dedicated to passing their leadership to clients. The staff are experienced at online marketing strategy. In combination with technological expertise, they design SEO solutions for companies, ranging from start-ups to massive international corporations, all of whom can benefit from search optimisation. To get your quote, get in touch here.