Google Announce News Publisher Center

EBS Marketing Google News Publisher CenterFor years now Google has given writers and publishers the opportunity to mark-up content to be featured in search results as news related articles. And for the lucky few this mark-up has allowed companies, organisations and bloggers the chance to be featured in the high ranking news section in the Google search results.

But, as EBS Marketing know, the usability of the news feature in the past was much to be desired. So it comes as a great relief to many that Google have just announced the release of a News Publisher Center, allowing content publishers more control over how their content is shown in Google news.

Announced via the Webmaster Central Blog on the 4th of August, Google’s News Publisher Center has been developed to keep their news content up to date.

In the announcement Google Software Engineer Eric Weigle explained the new update:

With the Publisher Center, your potential readers can be more informed about the articles they’re clicking on and you benefit from better discovery and classification of your news content. After verifying ownership of your site using Google Webmaster Tools, you can use the Publisher Center to directly make the following changes:

  • Update your news site details, including changing your site name and labeling your publication with any relevant source labels (e.g., “Blog”, “Satire” or “Opinion”)
  • Update your section URLs when you change your site structure (e.g., when you add a new section such as or
  • Label your sections with a specific topic (e.g., “Technology” or “Politics”)”

At the moment, the tool is only available in the US, but with the positive reaction News Publisher Center is set to be introduced in other countries in the near future.

We can’t wait to get cracking with the new tool. But be sure to check out Google News Publisher Center for yourself and let us know what you think.

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