EBS Marketing Preview: Sound City Digital – July 17th 2014

After the success of the inner-city metropolitan music festival, Liverpool Sound City, it seems that the organisers have turned their attention to the world of business and marketing this July. And here at EBS Marketing, we can’t wait.

EBS Marketing Sound City Digital It’s been almost two months since 2014’s standout Liverpool Sound City; a music festival spread over various venues and hubs in the city centre of Liverpool, where hundreds of acts played over a single weekend in May. But what does a music festival featuring performances from the likes of The Kooks, Jon Hopkins and Albert Hammond Jr have to do with digital marketing?

Well, as Liverpool Sound City in May showed, beside the music, there was also a wide array of industry talks and conferences throughout the weekend. And continuing with this theme, it seems Sound City Digital will do for Digital Marketing what Liverpool Sound City did for music – bringing together some the industries’ best and brightest for a day of showcasing, talks and networking.

Alongside showcasing and networking opportunities for web/app developers, SEO experts, social media executives, PR companies, digital marketing agencies and more, there will also be a number of panel sessions to attend. Wayne Scholes, CEO of Red Touch Media, responsible for the distribution of some of the world’s largest content owners – including NBC Universal, Warner Music Group, Disney, Paramount Pictures and Sony – will be among those giving talks.

Liverpool Sound City Digital

So whether you’re an industry professional, CEO, SEO expert or interested beginner, Sound City Digital – run in association with the International Festival of Business in Liverpool this July at the Baltic Creative – looks like a great event to attend. And what’s more, the entire event is free.

For more information, and to register for the event, make sure you visit Sound City Digital’s website now.

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EBS Marketing’s Top Tips for Making the Most Out of Twitter in 2014

It’s been over eight years since the world-wide popular social media website Twitter was first launched by creators Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass.

Edit profileWith the recent re-design of the website and the introduction of the football world cup (one of the website’s most talked about events), Twitter is becoming an unstoppable social force.

So with Twitter now a staple in the personal and business world, we at EBS Marketing thought we’d give a quick insight into 2014’s most popular 140-character social media website. Giving you a few tips to make sure that you and your business are doing everything possible to engage, promote and interact online.

Share images

Sharing images on Twitter in the past was often just a passing thought. Perhaps a good idea in practice, the use of photos and images used to involve a lot on the viewer’s part. But now, Twitter images have a completely different impact. Now images show up directly in the timeline, and in turn can have a drastic effect on audience reach. Sharing images with text is a great way to increase your online visibility, as more people are likely to pay attention to your posts.

MCDs new blog image


Favouriting on Twitter has always been a weird one. Mostly used as a means of notification, outreach and quite often, attention seeking, the favourite option for Tweets is used very generously by users. But now with favourites appearing publicly on everyone’s profile tab, perhaps it’s time to start rethinking the endless use of gold stars.

Try using favourites sparingly, and for their intended use.

MCDs Blog Favourites

Create lists

Lists have been a part of Twitter’s infrastructure for a long time now, but have fallen out of favour in recent years. But if used correctly lists can be used to both increase awareness of your brand and to organise your Twitter contacts. Try creating a number of different lists for Twitter users, with an emphasis on getting the attention of influencers and business contacts. Lists can be a great idea for all the networkers out there.

Upload in High-Res

With the new Twitter re-design, a lot has changed. One of the most notable changes has been to user’s profiles. Now dressed up quite similar to Facebook, Twitter now includes a customisable banner image. Whilst this is great news for most, we have seen far too many examples of bad profile pages with horrible, pixelated banner images.

When uploading an image for your banner on Twitter it’s important to remember that the image will be used ‘browser-wide’. This means that the image will fit however large your internet browser is – which is normally at the very least 1000px (pixels) wide. So make sure your photo or image is as high resolution as possible. Twitter recommend a photo which has the dimensions of 1500x500px with a maximum file size of 5MB.

MCDs Blog profile

Pin Your Tweets

One of Twitter’s newer features, pinning your tweets gives users the ability to stick any Tweet of theirs to the top of their public profile. Meaning that when someone visits your page, the pinned tweet will be the first thing they see. Whilst pinned tweets can be a great idea for new updates and info, try pinning something that gives an insight into your company. Try using a pinned tweet as an extension of the short bio on your profile.

We hope this short recap of Twitter in 2014 has in some way been helpful.

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EBS Marketing’s guide to Instagram for business marketing

Here at EBS Marketing, we know how important content is. It’s the driving force of any social media campaign and the be all and end all of SEO. But, far too often marketeers can get too hung up on the word.

Whilst the term can be useful in many respects, its broad meaning for anything textual has meant that quite often visual aspects can often be neglected. But, with the wide range of social media avenues available to use as business marketing tools, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be perfecting the visual side of your marketing strategy.

Photos, graphics, banners, logos – all can be utilised to maximise your business output, making sure your audience recognises your brand and receives your message effectively. And one social avenue which is being currently being used by a large number of growing businesses and companies is Instagram, a free smartphone app which lets you capture, edit and share photos and videos.

Instagram EBS Marketing

So what is Instagram?

Back when the iPhone was in its infancy, for a while it looked like Hipstamatic might have been the camera app of choice. But soon, with the rise of Instagram – and its free access – Hipstamatic faded almost completely out of knowledge.Known for its ease of use, countless sharing options and stylistic photo reviewer, Instagram has now grown into a smart phone essential, used by millions all over the world.

How does it work?

So, picture this. Say you run a popular sandwich shop in the middle of a busy city centre. And you want to let everyone know that you’re open for lunch. Normally you open at 12 noon, but today – because it’s a Friday – you decide to open up shop an hour early. But how do you let the public know? How can you make the most out of opening an hour early? Well, say you have a smartphone or iPhone, with one simple click of a shutter, you can share a message both quickly and effectively through Instagram’s newsfeed, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more, letting your audience know that you’re open, and ready to do business.


As with a number of image based profiles, Instagram can be an amazing place to cultivate business.  It’s also a brilliant way to raise brand awareness, drive natural SEO and develop a relationship with your customers. So with this in mind, here are just a few of the advantages of using Instagram in your social media strategy.

  • Better reach – As we spoke about in our EBS Marketing Introduction to Social Media Marketing blog at the start of June, Facebook is increasingly becoming a place of unpredictability. With posts and links not reaching anywhere near enough of their intended audience, more and more business owners are looking for more reliable ways to share their stories. And as Instagram doesn’t use a newfeed algorithm to filter post results, 100% of your photos will appear on your customers feed. What’s shared on Instagram, stays on Instagram.
  • Mobile Market – Whilst it may seem like a big ‘no no’ that Instagram is an almost entirely mobile platform, this so-called negative could well be a positive. Using Instagram is an amazing way to tap into the smartphone market, and depending on your business, catching customers on the go can be a great thing. And if that doesn’t persuade you, then perhaps Instagram’s two hundred million users will.

Diet Coke Photo

  • SEO & SMO – Having already established that Instagram is predominately mobile-based, the photo-sharing iPhone friendly platform can also affect your SEO with profiles and photos accessibly through any desktop device. So keep an eye on your public profile and utilise the platform.
  • Interaction – With the ability to share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more, Instagram is a really handy little app to have. But, it’s important to remember that Instagram in itself has its own social media community, with millions of users. Developing relationships with customers can mean followers, increased interaction, and in turn, exposure, and means you won’t have to concentrate on other social profiles as much.
  • It’s Free – Need we say anymore.

Key thoughts

Just before you shoot off, snapping everything in sight, here are a few final thoughts to bear in mind, to help keep you and your business on the right track.

  • Share regularly – There’s nothing worse than an outdated, empty profile. Sure, it might be hard to keep on top of your social media presence, but it’s really important that your output is consistent and regular. Try to take and share a picture each day, and remember that you can always save images for another day if you’re having a busy one.
  • It’s not all about business – If you’re setting up a business profile, then of course, we’re not suggesting you don’t advertise yourself and promote your company as much as possible. It’s just too much business talk can end up harming your reach. Try sharing ‘behind the scenes’ pics, or activities that show a more human side. You’ll be surprised how effective they can be.

Diet Coke Instagram

  • Engage with the community – With such a concentration on brand output, it can be easy to forget that there are other people online. If you neglect the community, then most likely they will neglect you. Making sure you follow relevant users and comment on and like other interesting posts is really important. And, do remember to reply to those who interact with you!

We hope that this short introduction to Instagram as a business tool has been in some way helpful, and that you can continue to successfully grow your business or brand.

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EBS Marketing’s essential digital marketing conference guide for 2014

Here at EBS Marketing, we know how online marketing and SEO practices can often involve a lot of time behind the computer. And whilst being tied to a screen isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s always a good idea to get out into the real world every now and then.

Sure, getting out of the office can give your eyes a little break, but further trips afield can often help bring a whole new perspective to your work. I’m sure that most of you reading this are familiar with the tried and tested format of business seminars. Sent to gain some knowledge, some company presentations certainly have their moments. But most are promoting a service and are far too long to sit through.


But with SEO, search and social media marketing on the rise, there’s a whole new wave of entrepreneurs and companies, dead set on bringing the community together. Meetups, conferences, conventions, and networking events – you name it, it’s happening.

So with this in mind, we’ve put together a short list of up-coming SEO and Social Marketing events from around the world that will help gain both an understanding and new-found respect for the global marketing community.

Social Media Strategies Summit – Amsterdam, Netherlands – 18-19 June 2014

It’s all happening! First up, just days away, we have the Social Media Strategies Summit. Having seen conferences in Boston, London, Las Vegas and San Francisco (to name a few) since 2011, the Social Media Strategies Summit (SMSS) now comes to Amsterdam. With speakers and representatives from some of the world’s biggest brands, if you’re a keen social media strategist, you won’t want to miss this. But, if you can’t make the event in Amsterdam, then be sure to keep an eye out, because it’s only a matter of time before the SMSS comes back around.

Marketing Week Live – London, UK – 25-26 June 2014

“Marketers unite” – well at least that’s what Marketing Week Live have to say on the matter. But we have a tendency to agree with an event as appealing as this. Back for another year with a host of talks, exhibitors, public forums and awards, this year’s Marketing Week Live (MWL) in London looks even more impressive than last year. Set to take over the Olympia Grand from Wednesday the 25th of June, MWL features talks from the likes of The Guardian, Sky, Channel 4, Adobe and more. Touching on brand engagement, web design and usability, big data, social media and search marketing, this event has a bit of everything.

WordCamp Manchester – Manchester, UK – 28-29 June 2014

Leaning over to the more web-based side of things, WordCamp in Manchester on the 28th of June is a great event to attend if you’re interested in web-development and the more technical aspects of marketing.

WordPress have been holding WordCamps across the globe for years now, and are an amazing place to share ideas and to get hands on with some kit. So whether you’re an absolute beginner looking to make your life as a marketeer that little bit easier, or even if you’re a WordPress pro, WordCamp Manchester is the place to be.

MozCon – Seattle, US – 14-16 July 2014

Finally we have the big one. MozCon. If you’re familiar with SEO, then most likely you’ll have come across Moz at some point or another. Known for their wide array of useful online SEO tools and developments, Moz regularly hold conferences; bringing together some of the greatest minds in the SEO world. But it’s not all search, search, search, MozCon attracts experienced speakers from all walks of life. So I you’re interested in social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, analytics and more, then MozCon is the place to be.

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