EBS Marketing’s favourite SEO resources

At EBS Marketing, we’ve seen the practices of SEO change dramatically over the years. And as the search industry continues to push forward with the development of new ideas, techniques, tools and technology, it’s immensely important to keep one ear to the ground, one eye on the monitor and both feet firmly on the ground.

Sure, it can be hard to stay in the loop in such a forward moving industry, but luckily there’s a wealth of knowledge out there to help keep you in the know. Great websites and influential bloggers who discuss and report only the important and noteworthy.

So without further ado, here’s our picks from the online SEO world. Our favourite resources on the internet that will help keep you well informed…

SEO Moz 

moz-logoKnown now simply as Moz, the Seattle-born company are now an international brand that offers some of the best SEO tools around. But aside from their premium facilities, Moz is also a brilliant resource of SEO news, views, tips and tricks, with their Blog acting as a brilliant hub of knowledge and experience. From developer posts, to specialised guest articles, Moz’s blog is a great place to learn some new things.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is an amazing resource if you’re involved or interested in SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social and Content. It’s easy to digest content is on point, great to read and updated regularly. If you bookmark Search Engine Watch then you will most likely end up visiting every single day.

Search Engine Journal 

A very, very similar format to Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal also utilises categories to publish content about SEO, Content Marketing as well as Paid Search, Entrepreneurial tips and Agency news. SEJ also have an array of online guides and ‘101’ sections, which are really useful to SEO and search beginners.

Matt Cutts 

Last but not least, we have Matt Cutts, who, unlike the others, isn’t a website, he’s a person! Do any research into SEO and at some point you’re bound to come across Matt Cutts. Software mastermind and long term Google employee, Matt is an avid blogger and spokesperson whose views and opinions are widely respected – which is why you’ll probably find him mentioned so often on the websites above. Matt’s blog is a great place to head for Google news and SEO related articles, plus be sure to check out his YouTube videos which are full of insightful Vlogs and tips.

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EBS Marketing’s favourite social media marketing tools

As a company who offer a comprehensive range of first-class social media marketing services, we at EBS Marketing are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to fully utilise social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

And with the increase in marketing activity through these channels over the past five years, there has never been a better time to reconsider your social media strategy.

Online resources and tools for social media marketing have been around for a while now, helping people to better understand, analyse and use today’s most popular platforms. But with such a wide array of paid and free software, both on and offline, it can be hard to know where to start. So with this in mind we’ve put together a short list of the most useful online tools to help you produce an amazing social experience.


hootsuiteScheduling has never been more important online. Having full control over the content you post, no matter your location, availability and asset volume has revolutionised the social marketing business, making tools such as Hootsuite essential to any social media campaign. By syncing all your social media channels to one dashboard, Hootsuite acts as a one-stop hub for your brand or business. Content can be sent across multiple platforms with a simple click of a button –  statuses, posts, videos, images, links and more can be planned in advanced to go live whenever you want. So if you find yourself away for the day or out of the office at the weekend, and you don’t want to miss those peak social hours, then Hootsuite can be a life saver.

Basic Package: Free

Premium: From £7.99 a month.


downloadFor a more integrated social hub, Buffer offers what Hootsuite cannot. Simplistic and fully accessible within web browsers such as Chrome, Buffer uses a queue system to stagger posts through a period of intended time. So by syncing your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, you can not only input content through the buffer website, but you can use the Chrome app to share the very best from around the web.

Basic Package: Free

Premium: From £6 a month

Social Bro

social-broWhereas Hootsuite and Buffer offer an experience based mostly around the posting and scheduling of content (although they do provide some analytics) Social Bro is the tool you want when data and breakdown is required. Mainly involving the functions of Twitter, Social Bro offers a number of great features to help manage your presence, target the right audience, engage with your community and to analyse and track your online actions. So whether it’s finding influential members of your community, utilising post data, or even just finding when the right time is to Tweet, Social Bro can give an amazing insight into your Twitter outreach.

Basic Package: 15 day trial

Premium: From £8.29 a month

Google URL Shortener

tumblr_lxam8hsH6k1r0ydhvThis may seem like a joke, but it’s absolutely not. Making sure your URLs are easy to share, accessible and overall, short, is incredibly important when it comes to your social media presence, and Google URL Shortener is the perfect tool. It’s incredibly simple, easy to use, free of adverts, and has great little features such as a click through counter, an auto-highlight mode and the ability to store all past short URLs when you are logged into Google. So when you’re short on Twitter characters, sharing a URL, or even just looking to clean up a messy URL, then Google URL Shortener is the only tool you’ll need. So put it in your bookmarks now.

Basic Package: Free

Premium: None

So there you have it, four top quality social media tools that you won’t want to stop using.

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Google introduce PageSpeed Insights

At EBS Marketing, we know by now the importance and effect that Google has on our online lives; changing the way we work and think, and the way we all do business. But not every change Google makes is necessarily a potential monumental disaster waiting to happen.

Google’s various algorithm changes and search engine tweaks have now become a stable of the SEO and marketing world. For years now Google have introduced new updates – most notably in the form of Penguin and Panda in recent years – to help create better and more advanced search results. But with the more major of updates, often those of us in the search and SEO industry have had to scramble to keep up; making previous work almost obsolete. But, Google are just trying to do what they think is best, making a more enriching and accurate online search. So we, as marketers and SEO experts, must keep up, no matter what.

However, not all Google updates are catastrophic, some are actually extremely helpful. Just last week Google introduced a new insight within Webmaster Tools to help make websites more mobile friendly. A way in which to test a website’s page speed performance on mobile devices.

Google’s update states:

Poor usability can diminish the benefits of a fast page load. We know the average mobile page takes more than 7 seconds to load, and by using the PageSpeed Insights tool and following its speed recommendations, you can make your page load much faster.

The update of the PageSpeed tool within Webmaster Tools will no doubt help web builders hone their mobile experience for users. Google’s current recommendations to help with mobile-friendly webpages include viewpoint & content size configuration, the use of legible font sizes, appropriately sized tap targets and plugin avoidance.

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The Age of the Audience: Facebook Launches New Network

Monolith search engine Facebook has announced this month that it is to start proving ads to third party mobile apps with new advertising network Audience. How could it diversify and add new elements to your online marketing strategy?

The consideration of where best to advertise your company to maximise your online marketing potential involves a number of factors. Relevance, budget, target audience etc. Facebook advertising already provides a cost effective method of bringing your marketing campaign to a significant share of your potential consumer base.

Facebook: The Online Marketer’s Dream

Facebook currently has half a billion users, meaning that any Facebook based marketing campaign reaches vast swathes of your target audience. The sheer amount of personal information the social media site has about its members means that not only does your marketing campaign reach a large audience, but it reaches the percentage of that audience most likely to be susceptible to your message.

Facebook’s own smartphone advertising has already proved lucrative to the company. Last quarter the social media site’s total revenue totalled $2.5 billion, a 72% year-on-year rise. Smartphone ads comprised 59% of its ad revenue, up from 30% a year ago. So it must be effective if so many companies are buying them!

So from this we can ascertain that Facebook is an online marketers dream, but what will this new service bring and how could it help you craft a lucrative online marketing strategy?

Facebook Audience

Facebook Audience is a network that will bring mobile ads to third party aps, diversifying the places where your ads can be reach consumers. It is thought the move will generate major revenue for the company.

Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive of Facebook commented on the move at a press conference: Zuckerberg said: “The mobile ecosystem needs a way to deliver these kind of native, personalised ads to people, and I’m glad that we can deliver more than one million active advertisers to your apps.”

At EBS Marketing we recognise that this is an opportunity that will help you bring your message to a wider consumer base, and that is why it is more important than ever to utilise Facebook in your online marketing strategy.

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Top Four SEO Strategies for 2014 (So Far)!

Now we’ve reached almost halfway through the year, we’ve had the chance to witness what SEO strategies professionals are using in online marketing this year and at EBS Marketing we wanted to share them with you. Here are our top four SEO trends of 2014 (so far)!

SEO – The EBS Marketing Breakdown

SEO – or search engine optimisation – is the practise of using keywords specific to your industry to rank on search engines such as Google. This is a powerful online marketing tool because over a billion searches are conducted on Google a day. Therefore ranking on Google for your industry specific search term allows you to bring your online marketing strategy to an amazingly large share of your potential consumer base.

However you can’t just stuff your site content, social media, blog profile etc. with your keyword, Google has ways to punish people if they do. That is why you must use natural SEO – keywords written naturally into text in a relevant manner – if you have any hope of ranking for your search term.

Our Top Five SEO Strategies

The emphasis Google puts on natural SEO means that it’s always changing and you really need to keep up with the changes and evolve your SEO strategy if you have any hope of ranking on page one for your search term. So what are the top four SEO strategies of 2014 so far?

1)      Google Authorship: The importance of Google authorship – linking your content and domain to your Google+ profile – is seeing major success for SEO based strategies this year. Undoubtedly this is because Google ranks for relevance and nothing’s more trustworthy than its own information!

2)      Social Media: Whilst industry experts such as EBS Marketing have long recognised the importance of social media to SEO, particularly its role in disseminating optimised content to a wider audience, brands are beginning to realise it too! Refocus on this in 2014!

3)      Refine Guest Blogging: Matt Cutts at Google infamously announced that guest blogging is dead as an SEO technique earlier this week and people took him at his word. Turns out guest blogging is a valuable SEO tactic, but only for relevant content. If you use guest blogging, make sure you’re cranking out quality content.

4)      Focus on Content Marketing: The term ‘content marketing’ is coming to replace SEO in industry circles and that it because casting a wider net with thought out relevant content is achieving more success in online marketing in 2014 than purely focusing on optimisation opportunities.

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