Further Proof: Google really is King

At EBS Marketing we recognise that when it comes to online marketing Google really is king. This week with the rise in ad revenue reported by the search engine giant, this point has been made clearer than ever before.

Google has become more important than ever in online marketing. This is because of the popularity of the search engine.  These days when people are looking for you online, they won’t type in your web address, chances are they won’t even know it. Instead they’ll turn to Google.  You need to be on page one of Google for your search term.

This is why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so important. This is the practice of using key words specific to you in your content. Google picks up on this and uses them to assess your sites relevance to the key word in question. The more relevant you are, the closer you’ll get to page one.

However Google is relevant in other ways. They feature ads on their pages that are effective because they come up for certain search terms. It’s basically paying to ensure that you’ll be visible to your potential consumer.

The BBC released an article this week that further highlighted that Google Ads are so important. The article held the title ‘Google earnings up 17% on strong ad revenue’ and the figures it quotes are impressive.

According to the BBC Google reported fourth quarter earnings of $3.38 billion, this was up 17% from the same quarter in the previous year and was attributed to a 17% rise in advertising revenue. Furthermore Google shares are currently up more than 50% for the year. They also increased their PPI revenue by 31%.

In this industry money talks. When Google releases a report detailing this significant a jump in profit and attributes it to ad sales, this tells you something about how effective Google’s ads are. They must be effective, otherwise why would more people be buying them?

It’s online marketing 101. Google has across the board been growing by leaps and bounds for years. This is how we can see that tailoring your online marketing to Google works. They wouldn’t be growing if more people weren’t using its services, the figures back this up.

At EBS Marketing we’ve always noted just how effective Google is in aiding your online marketing strategy. Its ad feature has proved especially effective in recent years and according to these figures, it’s set to be effective in communicating your online brand for years to come.

LINK TO INFO: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25969207

Google Search is changing: What You Need to Know

Google is changing in a pretty big way and considering the role of Google in online marketing, it’s something that you need to know about. So why is Google changing and how will this affect your online marketing strategy?

News sources including the BBC have reported this week that Google has promised to make ‘significant changes’ to how rivals appear when they are listed in its search results. This change hasn’t been done arbitrarily; it’s been put into place to avoid a multi-billion Euro fine.

This has been the result of a three year investigation conducted by the EU over certain Google search tactics. Primarily the concern was over Google using its search feature to promote its own services and products ahead of anybody else’s.

Nobody knows what exactly this could mean yet. However the basic principle can be guessed. Google will enact changes to make sure that its search tool doesn’t favour its own products and services. This could have big changes for the way we conduct online marketing campaigns.

Google is vital to the crafting of any modern online marketing campaign. This is because of the popularity of the search engine. People turn to Google when they’re looking for services and products they are interested in using.

This is why you need to be one page one for the search term for your industry. If you are a plumber and you company does not come up on page one for plumbing in your area, it’s unlikely that the customer will know about you. Therefore your online marketing campaign will be useless because nobody will see it.

This could mean that it’s easier to get onto page one for your search term. Without the promotion of Google endorsed products and services, you have more of a fighting chance of ranking for your search term. This means that you can craft an online marketing campaign that is more likely to catch your target audience’s attention.

However it’s important to note that this is an EU ruling. This means that changes are likely to only affect Google’s services in EU countries. If you are an international service then any potential benefits of this policy change for your online marketing strategy could be somewhat limited.

EBS Marketing realises that this is conjecture at the moment, however it does highlight something you need to know if you are going to succeed in crafting an online marketing campaign. Google is essential to making sure that you are successful in using this campaign to reach your target audience

Sochi: An Example of What Not to Do in Online Marketing

The backlash that Sochi sponsors such as Coca Cola and McDonalds are currently facing highlights a key point about online marketing. Association is everything. So considering association, why is Sochi an example of what not to do in online marketing?

Sochi, Russia is where the current Winter Olympics are being held. The problem is that under Vladimir Putin, Russia has become a place many people consider as guilty of human rights abuses. The notorious ‘anti-gay propaganda’ law has angered people in particular. The detention of political prisoners such as the punk band Pussy Riot has also received international condemnation.

This is why the Sochi Winter Olympics have been so controversial. Putin clearly sees these Olympics as an occasion designed to prove the might of Russia under his leadership to the rest of the world. People don’t like to think that they are endorsing this regime and even international leaders such as Barack Obama, David Cameron and Ban-Ki Moon have condemned the decision to hold the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

However this has caused a dilemma in the world of marketing. Companies such as Coca Cola and McDonald’s have been sponsoring the Olympics for years. This led them to question which they should consider as more important, public opinion or tradition.

They chose to keep on sponsoring Sochi and quite frankly they chose wrong. We see this particularly through online marketing campaigns both companies crafted to promote their sponsorship of the winter Olympics.

McDonald’s promoted a hash tag on Twitter that read #cheerstosochi. It was overtaken by gay rights activists and this made the press. It’s made more press for the anger it has caused than it has for promoting Sochi.

Coca Cola put a feature on its website that honoured the event by allowing people to type in a name on a virtual can of coke. However people couldn’t type in the word gay. It was a PR disaster. Coca Cola since took the feature down, apologised profusely and made sure people knew that it condemned the practices of Putin’s Russia.

These incidents highlight a key point in the world of online marketing; association is everything. If you choose to associate yourself with something that receives wide public condemnation and you promote these through online tools, not only can it be turned against you very quickly but you can be sure it’ll make headlines that will dominate your search term on Google for days.

At the end of the day online marketing is only effective if it engages with people. If your campaign offends the very people you are trying to hook in, then it’s completely useless. EBS Marketing suggests that you learn from Sochi when you begin thinking about how you can craft your online marketing campaign.