How Can I Remove Negative Press on Google?

Google is becoming increasingly important in the crafting of any truly effective marketing campaign. These days if you want to reach out to your potential consumer, you have to make sure you’re on the first page of Google for your industry.

This is because in 2013 Google has become the biggest directory in history. People don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore. They don’t go to look at posts on bulletin boards or scour newspapers. They really do Google it.

However this can create huge problems when you get negative press written about you. It means that this negative press or review will come up in any Google search that a potential consumer does for your industry. It could put them off using your services. This means that any potential online marketing campaign would be completely wasted on them. They would already have preconceived opinions.

So what do you do in this sort of situation? The obvious method is to get the link removed from Google searches, but this is easier said than done. Google have certain rules that everybody has to follow.

However the simplest way could be to go to the site in questions actual webmaster. If you can point out why the content is defamatory, they are likely to remove it. These people aren’t idiots; they won’t want to risk legal action over something like this.

Alternatively if it’s a Google generated site you can contact the webmaster to have it removed from the website. After this the link will fall out of the search.

You can also use the Google Removal Tool. This is s tool where you can actually submit a request to Google itself to have the link removed from their searches. It’s important to note here that they’ll only remove it for legal reasons. They won’t remove it just because it negatively impacts your reputation and online marketing strategy. You have to be able to prove that it’s legally defamatory.

Alternatively you can try to bury the negative content down the search rankings. Generating good press sits at the heart of any effective online marketing strategy any way. Generate some good press and it’ll rise up the Google rankings.

In the modern era Google is far too important to ignore. It’s a giant of a website that people use for everything. At EBS marketing we suggest that you don’t find yourself falling victim to negative Google search results.

Online Marketing: The Silent Approach?

When it comes to online marketing there are various techniques that can be used to craft an effective marketing strategy. It really is a very versatile field. You can craft eye catching YouTube videos that delight and amaze. You can reach out to your audience on every social media site going and hook in millions of fans. You can blog about every subject under the sun, yet sometimes, the silent approach works better.

So what do us at EBS Marketing mean by the silent approach? We don’t mean doing nothing online; otherwise it wouldn’t be an online marketing strategy. What we mean is the element of surprise. The element of surprise can actually be extremely powerful in online marketing.

Why though? Why would keeping quiet about something then promoting it work? Let’s look at the release of Beyoncé’s new album this month to find the answer. Nobody knew it was coming. It has been announced by the record label that it was in the works, but nobody expected the release of it anytime soon.

Then the album suddenly hit. The 13th December saw the announcing of the album and she really went all out for it. She crafted clips for every single track that dominated YouTube. It was promoted like crazy on social media. It dominated gossip column inches that day. Everyone was talking about it. She certainly knows her stuff.

It’s important to note here that this only works because she’s already a celebrity. She couldn’t have marketed herself this way online if she’d been at the beginning of her career. People wanted to know what she was up to, so she hyped them up by not giving anything away. Then she made sure they knew exactly what she was up to.

This teaches us a valuable lesson about both online marketing and life in general. It really is all about timing. You roll out the campaign too early, and then it might not appeal to potential consumers in the right way. You roll it out too late and it might simply pass them by.

It also teaches us about using the art of building anticipation in online marketing. Keep them guessing get them excited.  You can’t give the game away until they really want to know what it is.

EBS Marketing Asks Where Will Cyber Monday Take Online Marketing Next?

At EBS Marketing we applaud the success of Cyber Monday. We applaud the success of Black Friday. For anybody who doesn’t know these are now the biggest shopping days of the year. These are the days where online retailers market as they’ve never marketed before.

They aggressively advertise deals that will draw in the customers. They certainly do draw them in. In a few short years Cyber Monday in particular has become a shopping event not to be missed. It’s clearly a success story. It’s literal proof of the power of online marketing. Even America’s Black Friday has never seen this much success internationally. It leads us to the question where will Cyber Monday take online marketing next?

As you might have guessed Cyber Monday came as a direct result of Black Friday. Black Friday is an American tradition. It has grown up over the years as mass consumerism grew into an American monolith. It was started by companies who wanted to get more revenue. It’s basically the day after Thanksgiving where the holiday sales begin. Over the years American companies have used every marketing strategy in their arsenal to make this happen.

Cyber Monday has taken this to a whole other level. It’s a relatively recent marketing trend. It only came about in the past few years. As online marketing techniques grew more sophisticated, Cyber Monday came into being. This is a classic marketing principle; taking two things that work and creating something even better. Basically online companies took the obvious benefits of Black Friday and married them with the versatility of online platforms. This isn’t even just online marketing; it’s conducting everything online. It’s an entirely online operation. Cyber Monday was reported by IBM to be the biggest online shopping day in history, with a 20.6% increase in online sales.

The results have been telling. This Cyber Monday was so successful that two banks faced problems because of the amount of customers using online purchasing facilitates. Cyber Monday literally brought two banks to their knees. You have to remember that this happened for a cultural phenomenon that has never seen much traction in the UK before. Black Friday itself has only recently stared impacting the UK consumer. The fact that Cyber Monday, an entirely new concept, made this impact speaks volumes.

The entire world is moving online; Cyber Monday is the evidence. If you ever wanted evidence that online marketing draws in your potential consumer, here it is. At EBS Marketing we wonder where Cyber Monday will take online marketing next.  That’s the point, an idea this good doesn’t just provide success, it spurs evolution. Cyber Monday will inspire new ways to craft online marketing campaigns, you just watch. It certainly is an exciting time to be in online marketing.

EBS Marketing Explores How Big Stunt PR Is More Effective Online

One of the most effective ways to craft an effective online marketing strategy is to go big. Marketing whether online or in real time is all about engaging with the potential consumer. To connect with the potential consumer you first have to catch their attention. Catching their attention is easier said than done. That’s why many of the bigger companies target the headlines. If you’re big news, as long as it’s positive news then people are going to take note of your company. The stunt hooks them in and along the way, they find out about you. The idea of doing something big to catch the world’s attention is hardly something new.

The perfect example of a big news story promoting a company hit the headlines this week. At EBS Marketing we’ve been reading about the Amazon Drone delivery service. It’s only in the testing stages at the moment. It has yet to be approved by the correct authorities across the pond. However it’s telling that this piece of news has it the headlines. It’s certainly controversial.

The last few months have seen reams of column inches dedicated to the drones, for one reason or another. By capitalising on the press the drones generate, Amazon has drawn that attention to itself. By employing it for a harmless delivery service, they’ve negated the controversial aspect of the drone. Its genius and it is likely to bring them more attention as the programme hits its stride.

However the online age has the potential to take this to new realms. The whole idea is genius marketing in and of itself. It’s already gained traction. However now that it has online news services to take advantage of, this story will hit every social media and every search for the relevant term. Anyone going online will hear about this. In a few days’ time you won’t be able to escape this story. This is the perfect example of how adapting classic marketing techniques for online platforms can pay off

This just goes to show how online platforms elevate already effective marketing techniques. They allow big stories such as this to hit the stratosphere. Like we’ve said before, online marketing is all about getting the word out. This story will make sure everybody hears that word.