Get your product feed on Google

What is a product feed?

Google allows you to point it to a feed of your products. You can tell it all sorts about what you sell – and we recommend that you do! ID, title, description, price, availability, Google product category, your category, link, image link, additional image link(s), condition of the item and so on. Some of these are optional, some are required. Again, we highly recommend you use as many as are relevant to your business as it’s a core SEO tactic in making the most of this free service.

How do I let Google see my product feed?

If you’re lucky your e-commerce software may support this as an option. In this case you simply follow its instructions and plug the result into Google in the merchant centre. You’re likely to find good support from the user manual and associated forums in case you get stuck.

However, if you’re unlucky and this option isn’t supported you’ll most likely need the help of a developer in creating your product feed xml. Though, unfortunately, setting it up yourself is beyond the scope of this article, it is something we can help with – just get in touch.
There’s also plenty of help directly from Google across the merchant centre.

Why should I let Google see my product feed?
Well, you can use it to appear in yet another Google search area: shopping. If you follow the instructions and set the feed up properly your products can appear to people going to the shopping tab. That’s another bite of the cherry, so to speak! These people are already looking to buy what you’re selling too; never a bad thing.

If you’re very luck you might also get into the shopping breakdowns that are sometimes inserted into natural results.

The bottom line: you may sell more.

So how do I optimise my product feed?

Data, data, data.

Give Google as much information about what you sell as you possibly can. Make sure it’s as accurate as you can possibly make it. Look at the update settings and get it to fetch your feed an optimal amount – about as often as products change (including any change to product specifications; such as price, colour, availability, technical details etc) or as new products are added.

A couple of words of warning – get your developers to double check their work! You need to know that changes to products are reflected in the feed. You also want to check in from time to time to make sure Google has grabbed a recent copy of your feed and not suffered from any problems. With any luck you can set this up and continue to reap the rewards, with nothing more than the occasional cursory check. However, sometimes Google will change their minds about what the feed needs and it may need re-tooling. They will let you know though!

One last word of warning – check the policies to avoid having your feed suspended.
If you need help with this, or other e-commerce issues it’s worth calling us on 0871 976 9999 or email us:

Get Started in E-commerce

How To Move Away From Reliance On Ebay

Ebay is great for many businesses; you can start selling without coding a website, without knowing HTML, the distance selling regulations act, how to process card payments securely, how to configure SSL, etc etc. Ebay saves you from having to learn all this and also brings you a built in user base looking for a quick and easy way to buy what they’ve come for.

The problem with Ebay

The problem is the fees add up and in days where some margins are razor thin on products it’s just another expense to be re-evaluated. There’s also the gradual move on ebay’s part towards favouring the buyer over the seller. If both parties operate openly and honestly on principles of trust, that’s fine, and previously not doing so was punishable for either side. Nowadays a buyer could cost you an appreciable amount in terms of wasted time and you can’t leave a negative feedback in response.

Now, we’re not saying dump Ebay immediately. As noted above, it has its strengths in saving you from the complexities of e-commerce. Another strength is in new customer acquisition. Ebay is essentially a massive advertising platform and your business can benefit from standing apart from the crowd on it.

So can you take advantage of Ebay’s strengths and run your own e-commerce platform without the attendant hassle? Of course you can and we can help!
A new website

We can help you with the specifications for a new website, build it for you whilst you continue to run your ebay business and then we can help you encourage customers – old and new – to move over. We take care of the tricky stuff so you don’t have to.

At EBS Marketing we have years of experience in creating bespoke e-commerce platforms  and in internet marketing, so we can follow the whole project through from conception to completion.

We have worked with many varied businesses, so we know the value of taking a novel approach with each customer and treating each one as unique, regardless of their marketplace or competitors.
The Key benefits

The key benefits of our E-commerce platform system include:

* A Full online store

* Various methods of payment

* Increase in leads & sales

* Free design consultation

* Full CMS system

* Increase website traffic

* Long term financial gains

* Free domain & unlimited emails

* Dedicated Account Manager
No obligation

If you’re interested we can arrange a more in depth discussion of your needs – there’s no hard sell and no obligation to buy, just a thorough and friendly consultation.

Just give us a ring on 0871 976 9999 or email us:


How EBS Marketing Reviews your Website/Strategy

SEO is a multi-faceted approach, part art and part science. There are no shady quick wins (not unless you want Google to punish your website shortly afterwards) just gradual improvements, continuous testing, development and reviews. A third party eye also helps – someone external can see strengths and weaknesses you can’t and can be objective when cutting problem areas out. They can take a bird’s eye view, when you – running the business – are understandably in the trenches!

EBS Marketing reviews your website and overall web presence diligently and comprehensively, looking for improvements and finding clever ways to capitalise on strengths.

What we look at:

* Your website, its structure and content

* Your social media presence

* What your competitors are doing

Your website

We take a comprehensive overview of the content on your website – is it accessible to Google? What does it look like to a search engine spider? We’ll tell you where it could be improved and if you are unintentionally blocking anything.

Structure is important too – how is your website structured? Are you showing the search engines the important parts of your website? Can Google figure out how important certain areas are to you? Most importantly, can the crawlers follow your navigation? The best, flashiest animation in the world is all well and good – if you like that sort of thing – but it’s effectively a brick wall to the spiders. They’ll record a dead end and the worst case scenario is that they don’t find another route to the page or index it as an individual page.

Finally – content, content, content. Once the basics of search engine access are out of the way you need to focus on content. We can review what you are saying – and crucially what you are not saying!

Social Media

Which websites to use? How do you use them? Do you log into Quora via Facebook? Brave the wild west of Wiki?

We have a great number of clients across many different businesses, so we have a grasp of what’s relevant to what type of business. Some businesses are naturally customer facing and want a lot of attention and discussion on their products, using flashy web 2.0 to make sales conversions. Maybe what you do is a bit more ‘dry’ than this – you need dignified demonstration of your area of expertise more than consumer buzz.

We can help you register with the right websites and strategise your social media approach.

What your competitors are doing

Look at what your main competitors are doing – the most successful people – and copy them. It’s shameless but it works. It’s also efficient – why re-invent the wheel? With one important caveat – we will make sure you don’t copy their mistakes & we’ll identify the tricks they’ve missed.

So there you have it – EBS Marketing reviews your website and helps you get a competitive advantage.

Is Facebook Marketing a Scam?

Pretty much everyone knows and uses Google for Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns. Are you missing out by not using that social media behemoth, Facebook, or is it a scam? In this post we’ll take a look at Facebook advertising and who it’s for.

Is it relevant to your audience?

First of all, it’s worth considering if social media advertising is a good fit with your business. Broadly speaking it’s likely to be more useful for business to customer transactions than business to business, but we can help you with this decision. It’s not a hard and fast rule – you never know, as a business to business entity you may be first amongst your competitors to make a successful Facebook ad campaign, and you could see a huge benefit from this.

Broad demographic

If you just need to broadly advertise to pretty much anyone, anyone who’s looking for what you sell, anyone who is looking for you (or a competitor!), then Google PPC ads probably cover what you require. Perhaps you don’t know your target demographic yet (it could be really useful to know this!) or perhaps your product is universal and so you don’t need to drill down through various layers of specificity.

Narrow demographic

Google knows a lot about the people searching – what they like, what they don’t, where they are, where else they’ve been online. What it misses out on – though not for lack of trying – is more detailed demographic information.

On the other hand, Facebook tends to have all this in hand. Most users will tell them pretty much everything: age, sex, location, likes, dislikes, films, music, television, politics and much more! Furthermore they can also draw conclusions from who you know and associate with on Facebook.

And it’s not just the younger age range from US/Europe to target, there’s growing membership in varying age ranges from various countries.

But Facebook haven’t figured out mobile

Well actually some people are saying otherwise and besides, you may stand to benefit from Facebook ads delivered to phones – this is made for any business where making your location known to passing potential customers is important.

ROI – Return On Investment

So, it sounds like Facebook advertising could help your business, but what sort of return on investment can you expect? Well there are no absolutes here – some businesses have publicly scrapped Facebook ads because it didn’t work for them, but some businesses swear by it. Fortunately we can start your campaign off small if need be to minimise that initial risk and to experiment with the direction you feel the campaign should take.

How we can help

We can help put together a killer Facebook advertising strategy for you – or not: we will focus on analysing and understanding your business and its needs to fit an ad strategy into your overall SEO plan, to complement and enhance it.

So no, Facebook advertising is not a scam and here at EBS Marketing we can help you towards social network success.