Professional Social Media For Your Website

The success of your social media campaign could be the aspect that your website is missing to make it truly effective as an e-business. All websites need to have some sort of content in order for them to be ranked on the search engines of the internet. The higher a website is ranked the better. More people are likely to view a web site of it is on the first page of a search engine; at least within the top ten results. The way to do this is by having a good social media strategy. Social media services provide the best way of making sure that a website receives the most visibility on the internet. It’s not enough to just have a Facebook or twitter button on your website; you actually have to use them.

 The Heart Of A Website – Your Social Media Optimisation

Each website needs to have social media content that has been search engine optimised to deliver the highest ranking and the largest volume of traffic. Social media management means that you have regular business social media that delivers a consistent product with content that has been researched to provide the most value for each page of your website for each page. A website cannot just have the odd blog post, or link to a Facebook page; either it won’t be ranked because it looks like spam, or it won’t be ranked at all. Social media consultants provide the professional expertise that a web site needs to maintain a ranking and to continue to get new traffic to the site on a daily basis.

The Soul Of A Website – Creative And Technical Social Media

Social media consultants also provide researched analytics from which you are able to drive your campaign. This data is extrapolated from various sources and has a direct correlation between what content you choose and what is relevant to the target audience. Content must be updated on a regular basis and must deliver the correct information to potential customers. A strong background in traditional marketing as well as social media marketing is at the core of all web content. Content must be focused on the reader and in imparting information that will encourage a response.

The key to having a successful website is to use all of the resources on the web to market it. It all boils down to having the heart and soul of a website beating together and that can be done with effective and professional social media marketing.

Does Your Facebook Marketing Reflect The Face of Your Business?

EBS Marketing Facebook marketing tipsOnce a company has committed to Facebook, Twitter or any form of social media marketing, started accounts and devoted the time necessary to get the job done right a very common problem is what to tweet or post about.  There are all kinds of advice out there telling companies to offer Facebook-only sales, Twitter secret sales, and a slew of other competitions and sales.  While those might be great occasionally, followers want more. As a seasoned online marketing company, EBS Marketing is happy to provide a few tried and true tips.

Facebook Marketing Content Tip #1

Pretend that whatever social media site-du-jour is a story, the friends, followers, subscribers or fans are the characters and one’s company is the author.  By letting the characters drive the narrative a more interesting story will emerge. Follow what one’s customer base is following. Let their interests and trends become the company’s interests and trends.  In short, write about what is interesting at the moment to the audience.

Facebook Marketing Content Tip #2

Our motto at EBS Marketing is stay positive.  That cannot be stressed enough.  While personality is a great asset on social media and should definitely be utilized in social media marketing the personalities displayed should never be downers.  No one wants to hear bad news.  No one wants to buy from the bearer of bad news.  In the same way, no matter the topic the company should take the high road and keep things civil and clean.  With very few exceptions those following a social media page do not want to read vulgarity or trash talk.

Facebook Marketing Content Tip #3

This tip is an old marketing tip that every company should already be fully aware of, but just for good measure it can be reviewed.  Products do not sell anything. Solutions sell.  Rather than focus all of one’s energy professing to the wonderment and power of a product or service a company should center their social media marketing strategies on solving their customer’s problems.  The art form in this type of marketing and writing is to present a problem (with a solution of course) without coming across negative.

Facebook Marketing Content Tip #4

One would think that any employee working in a marketing or public relations capacity in a company would have excellent social skills. Unfortunately, EBS Marketing customers have found that this is not the case.  While many types of marketing do not require a lot of social interaction social media does.  The person responsible for posting comments, responding to comments and analyzing trends in customers’ habits within social media absolutely has to have stellar social skills.  This cannot be overstated enough.  In a certain sense this one person is representing the entire company and can either take sales to an all time high or do irreversible damage.