Online Marketing Trends – ‘Gamification’

If you are ‘up’ on your online marketing tactics then you need to look at Gamification as a tool to increase traffic and drive potential customers to your website. If you haven’t heard of this innovation, which, incidentally, is going to hit the $2 billion revenue mark by 2016, then you need to start paying attention to what is out there. These days, games are the hottest attraction that you can use on your website.

Gamification IS Social Media Online Marketing

In fact, gamification is most social that you can get while still working all day! The concept uses game mechanics to drive people to your website. When you create a community around your site, you are starting to really capitalise on social media. Gamification not only gets people talking about your company, but it gets them directly involved.

You can use elements of your core business and develop a strategy using game mechanics to enhance their user experience and deliver your sales message in one easy step. The enticing aspect of games online is that people keep coming back for more.

Gamification and Community Based Online Marketing

One of the best ways to get users to return to your site is to give them an incentive to do so. If you have used game mechanics and gamified your website, then people will be encouraged to come back if they know they are going to win something. Learn about what motivates your potential clients and use that information to your advantage. Xbox 360 did it, Farmville did it, and you can do it for your website. People do not even have to win anything tangible. Badges, achievements, and honours are great ways to keep people coming back to play your game on your site.

The most important word about online marketing today is the word “community”. If you can start a community that is based around your business then you have the beginning of a social media and online marketing strategy. Use traditional channels to start your campaign and speak to professional online marketers about gamifying your website to capture a potentially massive market.